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swami sahajanand group of colleges

Swami Sahajanand College of Commerce & Management

(Affiliated to Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University)

(Only Self-Finance institution recognized under UGC 2 (f) & Accredited Grade ‘B’ by NAAC )

Computer Labs

Our computer labs are highly functional, with all the state-of-the-art features available on the tap. They are constructed to cater the various needs of the students, like academic purposes, digital learning and internet browsing. The knowledge and skills of our students can improve by multiple folds, and they can use these resources to complete their academic projects without any issues.

Startup folder

You can have a file, application, folder, or web page, launched when you login to a lab computer. To indicate you want an item launched, place a shortcut to it in the folder named 'startup' in your h: drive. The target of any shortcuts found in this folder is launched at logon.

Remote Access

College of Engineering lab computers can be accessed remotely by students' personal computers. This provides access to the engineering applications, printers, and your h: drive. There are some hardware & software requirements for the connecting computer. There are also limitations on which lab are available and the hours they can be accessed

Writable Desktop

Any file saved or copied to the desktop of a lab computer will be available on the desktop of the next lab computer you logon to. These files are redirected to the folder 'desktop' in your h: drive. You can find them there as well.

Internet Explorer Favourites

Any favourites you save in IE will be retained and available in future sessions on lab computers.

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